Cold Brew BUT in 2 Minutes

Love cold brew but hate the wait, no worries, we've GOT you! Follow this simple recipe and start sipping now, not tomorrow.

Brew time - 2 minutes

Yield- 2 Cups

What you need:

Aeropress Coffee Maker

Aeropress Paper Filter / Barista Essential's Aeropress Brewing Disk

30g of Coffee / 130g of room temperature water

Coffee Grinder *optional*

Scales *optional* 

Step 1 

First up, grab some tasty beans, your favourite brewing scale and weigh out 30g of coffee. Weighing out your coffee ensures you get the right cold brew potency, plus, you want your cold brew to taste the exact same every time you brew.

Hot *cold* Tip - You should always measure your beans in weight rather than volume. Beans that are of similar actually vary greatly in weight *due to density*.

Step 2 

Now to grind your coffee! What you are looking for is a medium coarse grind, similarly to the grind you would use brewing a hot Aeropress. 

Step 3

Let's get to the fun part. Grab your Aeropress, invert, place your filter into the cap and pour your grounds into the chamber. It is crucial when using paper to rinse the filter, this helps removes the dry paper-y taste. 

Step 4

Now to brew! Start your timer and begin to pour room temperature water into the chamber, you are looking for 130g of water. If you don't have a scale on hand 130g is roughly notch 2, which is indicated on the chamber's outside. After you have finished pouring, grab your Aeropress Paddle (or a spoon) and give a fairly vigorous stir and screw your cap on.Now to let it brew, leave your grounds alone for two minutes.

Step 5

Let's get pressing. Place a server over the top of your aeropress and, FLIP IT. Once your Aeropress is firmly placed over your server, begin pressing until all your brew has passed through the filter. If you find that it was near impossible to push down, all this means is your coffee grounds were too fine. This is fixed by loosing your grinder or asking your local cafe to grind coarser.

and TWO MINUTES LATER you are done!

How to serve

It is important to note that what you have just made is a cold brew concentrate, all this means is that when serving it should be diluted with water or a milk of your choosing. From personal experimentation I find that a 50/50 ratio works best i.e. 100g of concentrate:100g of water.